17-13 = 4kn!

So… the thinning of the herd happened. And thank God. Ghana doesn’t need 17 candidates for a presidential election. No nation does. Especially if 13 of them had discrepancies in their forms: Elimination by natural selection. 

You’d think that if one forked out 50K for a form, one would devote quite a substantial amount of effort to ensuring there were no errors. It turns out that, when you start daydreaming about your presidential motorcade and scheming how you’ll teach people lessons once you’re sworn in, you hurry through the process. And whoops!

I believe in giving everyone a fair chance but you people KNOW for a FACT that Edward Mahama, Ward Brew, and all these hopefuls never stood a chance of running this country. Akua Donkor?? She’s the real audacity of hope. 

All these weirdly named parties always end up with binary votes which begs the question, why are they even still competing?? I’m so tired of hearing election results like NDC: 15k, NPP: 15k, CPP: 11. Not K. Just 11. Because those little numbers just take away from decisive margins. 

So now, there are 4 candidates . But, I suggest to you that we don’t even need 4 candidates. Let’s be honest. This is an NPP vs NDC election. We need zero distractions. Someone should give Mr. Greenstreet and his coconuts a place of power on their team and let’s end this CPP satire. Relevance is not their strongest point. 

 Then there’s the independent candidate. How tired are you of the rhetorical party BS? Because if he’s worth his weight in gold, he might be the perfect way to overturn this thing and shock both big parties. Imagine that. Keep imagining that. 

The tragedy in all this is Kumchacha. I was looking forward to that particular presidency. Sigh. 


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