BREAKING: We’re here to sell. 

You ever just get tired of all the jargons and metrics and marketing innuendos and useless data and research and disconnected standards and trusting simple brand decisions to closed, complicated minds?

This thing we do is pretty much instinct and a good measure of luck. Instinct comes from a myriad of things – context, empathy, insight, truth, gut feel. And then we just bloody need a good measure of conviction and luck. 

We sell things. At the end of the day and the national research and the ego driven opinions and the data and the metrics and the jargons and the deep dives… we sell stuff. And if the stuff doesn’t sell, we fail. 

I’ve been in too many meetings this week that have just been shrouded in complex, academic marketing, convoluted strategy rhetoric, migraine inducing discussions. The bigger the brand the bigger the migraine. 

We sell stuff. Period. And if the people ain’t buying, no one cares about the breadth of our thinking and alleged genius; we’re failing. But if we do what we’re supposed to do and sell, and sell to more people than anyone else, they’ll write case studies to put method to our madness. 

45 mins after Trump won, suddenly the same media that ridiculed him and predicted from.reels of unsavoury research data, had articles and features shrouded in complex, academic marketing, convoluted strategy rhetoric, and migraine inducing discussions detailing the finer strategic and empirical details of Trump’s victory. 

He sold. More of the people who mattered bought. Sorry. 

Can we just get rid of the egos and titles and insecurities and lack of balls and just frickn’sell?


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