Dear @PatrickAwuahJr

Hello Doc. So, this ethics thing is hard. Are you sure we want to keep teaching it at Ashesi? I ask because over the last 24 hours there have been numerous, unnecessarily  verbose arguments shrouded in legalese about what you taught us was a black and white issue: Plagiarism. 

It’s been a while since I graduated so I may be rusty; but as I recall, it was about giving credit where it was due, yes? No matter whether credit belonged to one’s estranged girlfriend, the Bible, a dead president or something an alien may have whispered in passing during one’s last abduction. There were no gray bits as I recall. It’s still a zero sum proposition right? Like pregnancy. One cannot be half pregnant? Or Almost pregnant? You are or you aren’t. I remember it as a really simple concept too, because even I managed to get it thru my head. And we know many other things didn’t make it in. 

Are we still teaching this? If so, I’d suggest we also teach a semester of patience and self control mechanisms to current students because some of these arguments make me want to punch people in their rationalising faces. Ethically, of course. 

I’m kidding. And anyways, who really owns a quote? Did you know they’re questioning ownership of Goethe’s quote? You know, the one we had everywhere on campus? Yup. So maybe we can just state the alphabet as our source. Or not at all. Whatever. 

Anyways, I’m taking up too much of your time. My regards to everyone. And apologies, I meant to write you earlier, but I just been busy. 


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