Singing Samsung’s song

Did you hear the Samsung press conference? Turns out the phone explosions were caused by Negative active material delamination from negative electrodes leading to self faulting somethings or the other resulting in thermal failures, basically. 

Yup, that’s what I thought. 

What that was, was a gallant show of PR fortitude. This was never about simply explaining the science behind the explosions or “thermal runaways” as they affectionately referred to them today. It was about showing civilians – maybe even over showing us – the extents to which they’re going to make Samsung great again. 

Translation: please come back; please buy our next phone. 
The strategy is undeniably admirable. They built testing plants, worked with 3 independent testing agencies, have a new 8 point check list, got an Engineering PHD to deliver the findings in just a convoluted enough manner to sound final, credible and thoroughly researched. 

But the task is to win back trust, one customer at a time. And if you’ve ever estranged a loved one, you know that, is a herculean task. Will it work? Probably – for loyalists. It’s transparent and inclusive strategy. 

For the rest of us, thanks. Appreciate the boffins, but we’ll wait to see if there are any more “thermal runaways” first. 

Oh and if you still don’t know what happened, turns out the battery layers touched. Or something. There’s a much more delicious explanation on CNET. They use cake. Delamination, anyone?


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