The Fate of the 8th.

F8 left me physically and mentally drained. After the car-skydive scene in 7, i was done trying to apply logic to the Franchise. My disbelief is usually suspended outside the theatre in the parking lot.

This one is a knockout. you must see it 8 times. Except:

As revealed and downplayed, Dwayne and Vin were beefing in real life. If you watch the movie carefully, you’ll realise you never see them in the same shot, nor do they ever interface on screen. You get so caught up in the euphoria that you may not realise it.

How’s it possible that Elaina dies and these two men never share a moment when they both shared her? The Rock never confronts Vin? Notice how he just disappears from the street confrontation where Vin shoots Statham? Was he raptured?

Hobbs never welcomes Toretto back? Congratulates him on the baby? Joins in on the la familia group therapy sessions? Nada? He just manages to conveniently fade into the background or be just beyond the reach of the camera when Diesel is around.

Even in the beginning where he flips Hobbs’ car, that was a double. Apparently. C’mon guys, do we need to call an intervention? Therapy? Hypnosis?

Now that Paul’s gone, it seemed obvious that the next bromance would be between Vin and Dwayne a la Fast 6 and 7. However, it just may end up being Jason and Dwayne. We know Dwayne’s game, the writers sowed the seeds of them earning each others respect and it seems to be working like a charm because, i have never heard an audience cheer louder for a reformed bad boy, than we cheered for Deckard Shaw rescuing baby Brian.

One writer just needs to say “maybe Vin should also start spending more time with his family?” and we shall be cueing the Beethoven. Vin is a producer now. So financially, he’d be fine.  

I’m jut saying, we didn’t think we’d make it past Paul Walker. But here we are.

Salut mi Familia.


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