Wind Vs Sun

In Aesop’s famed Wind and Sun fable, we’re told the two elements were having an argument etc and the wind loses because all he did was blow harder and the more he blew the more the man wrapped his coat around himself. The sun on the other hand came out and shone brightly and ends up winning the debate as the man removes his coat because he’s warm. 

Moral of the story is: kindness effects more than severity. 

Alright. My question is, what were the wind’s other options? Stop blowing? Blow gentler? 

If you read the fable carefully, you’ll find that it’s the sun who makes the suggestion to get the traveller to remove his coat as the determinant of who’s more powerful. 

It was rigged in the Sun’s favour from the start. By the sun. Screw kindness. That’s cunning deceit. 

Moral of the story: It’s easy to reverse engineer a purpose to fit a brand without proper context. Until…

And we wonder why we aren’t believable. 


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