BREAKING: We’re here to sell. 

You ever just get tired of all the jargons and metrics and marketing innuendos and useless data and research and disconnected standards and trusting simple brand decisions to closed, complicated minds? This thing we do is pretty much instinct and a good measure of luck. Instinct comes from a myriad of things – context, empathy, […]

Find me on Uber. 

When I say I’m registering as an Uber driver, my friends laugh. All of them. Even those I only consider acquaintances.  Allegedly, I [sometimes] drive fast[er than most]. Because who has time!? Apparently Uber is supposed to be an enjoyable ride. Fine, but I disagree that enjoyable  necessarily equates to slow.  Late for a meeting? […]

17-13 = 4kn!

So… the thinning of the herd happened. And thank God. Ghana doesn’t need 17 candidates for a presidential election. No nation does. Especially if 13 of them had discrepancies in their forms: Elimination by natural selection.  You’d think that if one forked out 50K for a form, one would devote quite a substantial amount of […]

Spectacles?! Bad idea. 

Snap announced Spectacles [which they should eventually rename Specs, because who has time for 3 syllables?] and they are a terrible idea-not for the company per se, but for a dude I saw yesterday. Let me explain.  Yesterday while having lunch, I was seated directly opposite a young man and his female companion: heavy makeup, […]

Agency-Client Dysfuntion.

Last time i was at Cannes, i went into a session about maintaining client relationships. This CD from Turkey spoke of her [what many of us in the audience considered a tad bit unhealthy] glorious client relationship, where she and the client had bonded so well and become such good friends that she ended up […]

Sporting goods marketer??

I’m reading an article today and it says “Nike, the sporting goods marketer…” Wait a minute. What? That’s the last thing I have ever thought about when my mind has mapped Nike. Sporting goods marketer? That just sounds like a warehouse with rows of sports merchandise for sale. Which is, if you think about it, […]

What manifesto?

The NDC’s launching their campaign without a manifesto. It will follow later, apparently. Takes balls of audacity to do that 3-4 months before a national election. In my day, we didn’t hold senior high school SRC elections without manifestos. However, everybody knows elections here aren’t won by manifestos and lofty book long agendas, goodness no. […]